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Memory Containers

Stephen Freedman


Mall Level 2, Diamond Head Wing
near Bulgari


These three diamond shaped forms originally contained text written with broad brush strokes from the artist’s hand which read: “The words form cages but the letters are open windows through which meaning escapes.” The negative space between the letters was cut away leaving a pierced form whose sense of volume is belied by its transparency. After firing and glazing, the text is largely illegible but retains the memory and rhythms of handwriting. The glaze is a high metallic bronze color with the variations and artifices of bronze cast metal.

About the Artist

Stephen Freedman’s abstract ceramic sculptures have been widely commissioned and exhibited both at international and national galleries. His sculptures have been featured in over 100 exhibitions since 1983 and now reside in many public, private and museum collections including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, West Australian Museum of Art and The Getty Museum. Stephen Freedman is also the chief editor of HI ART Magazine, Hawaii’s contemporary art publication.

Curated by: Kelly Sueda
Dedicated: 2016

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